@hierarchon I broke mine. They are so fragile. I'm thinking about make a new one with some new functions.

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Bears Ahead 

@a_lizard @gonzo

Sorry. Didn't mean that. Removed.

selfie (cw: eye contact) 

@vantablack you are beautiful

@danielemereb eu acabei de reinstalar o meu servidor e estou me reacostumando com tudo. Também estou usando o Tusky e nem sabia dessa função.

@joshua @vantablack @hermes

There is a way to get the playlist?

I really liked it and want to hear them again.

@whalefall I really don't understand all of this war inside community. That's I usually indentify myself as bi/pan. No margin for too much questioning.

@hammerhead I can imagine. Anyway, cool stickers! I'm thinking to put some on mine.

@Elizafox Come live in Brazil. We have a lot of problems, But at least we have free medicine.

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